Friday, 2 July 2010

Last session of blogging

I'm just going to do a final hour or so and then I am quitting until 1 December, or at least a few days before then when no doubt I will be burning the midnight oil to prepare the 2011 Scottish Widows Parish Walk website.

So its about time that I paid my traditional thanks to my wife, Marie. I'm sure that nobody else would put up with the things that I do and this year's Parish Walk website work came at all the wrong times for us. The event was held a week later than normal which meant that it was a week closer to the Tynwald weekend, which is the busy point in the year for her at work. And she had had an accident, well at least a van driver left the road and rammed her, a week before the event which left her with whiplash and dizziness. I put even more pressure on our family life by going to the 50th Parish Walk anniversary meeting and shrinking the sleeping hours even further with video editing for that.

Last year we had our first childless week away to celebrate our 25th anniversary in Cornwall in August - the photo was taken at Lands End. We are going back to Penzance during the first week of September, one time when I will be almost free from the website. But I'll have my laptop of course.

If I wasn't married I could spend every minute of my spare time on the website but despite my apparent addiction to the web, marriage means more than anything else to me.

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