Thursday, 1 July 2010

Dave Fereday's walk cost him £500 - this is his report to his vicar

This is a race that has been held for the past 50 years and involves visiting each of the 17 parish churches on the island - a total of a very hilly 85 miles. As a 22 year old I participated in the first race whilst stationed on the Isle of Man doing National Service. There were only 35 competitors and 3 finishers. I managed 45 miles in 12 hours before bodily order ceased.

So I returned 50 years later to remedy this failure with a minimum aim of going further faster despite ancient bones and a dodgy knee. Having visited the good ladies of the church selling their splendid homemade cakes and heard that their endeavours are for the re-pointing of the church walls I thought that my endeavours on the Isle of Man could help top up the funds. The more churches reached on the island and the more I would have to 'shell out' -starting out with £50 if I managed the first major check point after 32 miles to £500 if final destination were reached which I thought most unlikely.

In the event, I know not how, I managed the full course in 23 hours virtually non stop and in the process helped to finance a wee bit of your necessary work at Church Point.

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